2023 Mysteryland Ticket Prices

Last Update | February 24st, 2023.

The price for a 2023 Mysteryland ticket very well depends on what type of ticket you are looking for and how early you buy tickets.

Current FAQ

What are the Dates for Mysteryland 2023?

August 25th - 27th, 2023

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets through the festivals official website or through our partner Ticket Swap! Some tickets that are sold out for Mysteryland might be available for resale on Ticket Swap.

TicketSwap is a safe, convenient and fair place to buy and sell tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatre and day trips. TicketSwap protects buyers from overpricing by keeping to a maximum 20% mark-up from the original sales price. As a buyer, you know you will always be paying a fair price for your tickets. Fraud is prevented by user-checks and through partnerships and collaborations with event organizers.

Has the Line-Up been published yet?

Not yet.

Pass Type Description Amount Price Surcharge Info Total Total per Person
General AdmissionTicket OnlyEarly Bird Saturday189.500.00Camping NOT included89.5089.50
General AdmissionTicket OnlySaturday199.500.00Camping NOT included99.5099.50
General AdmissionTicket OnlyLate Saturday1109.500.00Camping NOT included109.50109.50
Premium AdmissionTicket OnlyPremium Saturday1199.000.00Camping NOT included199.00199.00
General AdmissionTicket OnlyEarly Bird Sunday174.000.00Camping NOT included74.0074.00
General AdmissionTicket OnlySunday184.000.00Camping NOT included84.0084.00
General AdmissionTicket OnlyLate Sunday184.000.00Camping NOT included94.0094.00
Premium AdmissionTicket OnlyPremium Sunday1179.000.00Camping NOT included179.00179.00
General AdmissionTicket OnlyEarly Bird Weekend1139.500.00Camping NOT included139.50139.50
General AdmissionTicket OnlyWeekend 1169.500.00Camping NOT included169.50169.50
General AdmissionTicket OnlyLate Weekend 1189.500.00Camping NOT included189.50189.50
Premium AdmissionTicket OnlyPremium Weekend 1305.000.00Camping NOT included305.00305.00
General AdmissionTicket + CampingEarliest Bird Weekend Ticket1149.500.00-149.50149.50
General AdmissionTicket + CampingEarly Bird Weekend Ticket1179.900.00-179.90179.90
General AdmissionTicket + CampingWeekend Ticket1199.500.00-199.50199.50
Premium AdmissionTicket + CampingPremium Weekend Ticket1335.000.00-335.00335.00
Regular Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyMysteryland Tent1165.0075.00Festival Admission NOT included240.00240.00
Regular Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyFriends Tent71,295.00185.00Festival Admission NOT included1,480.00211.43
Regular Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyFriends Tent81,480.000.00Festival Admission NOT included1,480.00185.00
Regular Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyTriangle Tent1225.00225.00Festival Admission NOT included450.00450.00
Regular Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyTriangle Tent2450.000.00Festival Admission NOT included450.00225.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyImperial51,425.00124.98Festival Admission NOT included1,549.98310.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyImperial61,710.000.00Festival Admission NOT included1,710.00285.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlySparkle3945.00150.00Festival Admission NOT included1,095.00365.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlySparkle41,260.000.00Festival Admission NOT included1,260.00315.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyStargazer1399.00241.00Festival Admission NOT included640.00640.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyStargazer2798.000.00Festival Admission NOT included798.00399.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyAmazon21,020.00469.98Festival Admission NOT included1,489.98744.99
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyAmazon31,530.00510.00Festival Admission NOT included2,040.00680.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyAmazon42,040.000.00Festival Admission NOT included2,040.00510.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyNomad1745.00455.00Festival Admission NOT included1,200.001,200.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyNomad21,490.000.00Festival Admission NOT included1,490.00745.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyMystic Lodge1735.00735.00Festival Admission NOT included1,470.001,470.00
Comfort Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyMystic Lodge21,470.000.00Festival Admission NOT included1,470.00735.00
Friends Field Camping Add-OnCamping OnlyFriends Field10350.000.00Festival Admission NOT included350.0035.00
Camper Paradise Add-OnCamping OnlyCamper Paradise6270.000.00Festival Admission NOT included270.0045.00