2023 Tomorrowland Ticket Prices

Last Update | November 16th, 2022.

The price for a 2023 Tomorrowland ticket very well depends on what type of ticket you are looking for. A Tomorrowland 2023 day pass costs 111€, while a weekend pass (without camping) starts at 261.50€. If you would like to also camp in Dreamville, the cost is naturally higher with prices starting at 335.50€. The prices just mentioned also refer to the pre-sale phase from Tomorrowland. This is considered the early bird phase where only a fraction of all available tickets is sold. Ticket prices are more expensive if you do not make it into the Pre-Sale but the so-called Worldwide Sale. Find more details on the different types of ticket sales in our 2023 Tomorrowland Guide!

This database down below provides all 2022 Tomorrowland ticket prices and are sorted by camping access, camping area and more. We will uptdate to 2023 prices as soon as they become avavailable. Service fees and credit card fees are included in the ticket price. Treasure case fees are extra dependent on the country it is delivered to. Shipping to Belgium residents is an extra 12,50€, shipping to European residents an extra 19,50€ and shipping to all other countries 27,50€. Due to the complexity of Global Journey pricing, please visit the official Tomorrowland website for more information once packages are available. Tomorrowland has published a simulator with updated prices every year.

Ticket Type Pre-Sale (in €) Worlwide Sale (in €) Amt. Camping Access Camping Area Incl. Tent/Room Comfort Access
Full Madness261.50310.001NoNoneNoNo
Full Madness Comfort462.00535.501NoNoneNoYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Day Pass111.00114.501NoNoneNoNo
Pleasure Day Pass156.00178.501NoNoneNoYes - @ 3 Stages
Comfort Day Pass199.50210.001NoNoneNoYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Magnificent Greens Package335.50390.001YesMagnificent GreensNoNo
Magnificent Greens Comfort Package536.00615.501YesMagnificent GreensNoYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Magnificent Greens 1P Tent Package448.00502.501Yes Magnificent GreensYesNo
Magnificent Greens 1P Tent Comfort Package648.50728.001Yes Magnificent GreensYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Magnificent Greens 2P Tent Package846.00955.002Yes Magnificent GreensYesNo
Magnificent Greens 2P Tent Comfort Package1247.001406.002Yes Magnificent GreensYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Package885.00994.002Yes Magnificent GreensYesNo
CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Comfort Package1286.001445.002Yes Magnificent GreensYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Camp2Camp Friends Package4645.005190.0010YesMagnificent GreensYesNo
Friendship Garden Package3865.004458.0010YesFriendship GardenNoNo
Spectacular Friendship Garden Package4617.995212.0010YesFriendship GardenNoYes - @ The Gathering
Easy Tent 2P Package976.001073.002YesEasy TentYesNo
Easy Tent 2P Comfort Package1377.001524.002YesEasy TentYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Spectacular Easy Tent 2P Package1166.001263.002YesEasy TentYesYes - @ The Gathering
Spectacular Easy Tent 2P Comfort Package1567.001714.002YesEasy TentYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Supreme Easy Tent 2P Package1380.001477.002YesEasy TentYesYes - @ The Gathering
Supreme Easy Tent 2P Comfort Package1781.001928.002YesEasy TentYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Easy Tent 4P Package1932.002126.004YesEasy TentYesNo
Easy Tent 4P Comfort Package2734.003028.004YesEasy TentYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Spectacular Easy Tent 4P Package2279.002473.004YesEasy TentYesYes - @ The Gathering
Spectacular Easy Tent 4P Comfort Package3081.003375.004YesEasy TentYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Relax Room Package1697.001794.002YesThe MontagoeYesNo
Relax Room Comfort Package2098.002245.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Spectacular Relax Room Package2171.002268.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ The Gathering
Spectacular Relax Room Comfort Package2572.002719.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
DreamLodge 2P Package1897.001994.002YesThe MontagoeYesNo
DreamLodge 2P Comfort Package2298.002445.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Spectacular 2P DreamLodge Package2145.002242.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ The Gathering
Spectacular 2P DreamLodge Comfort Package2546.002693.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Kokono 2P Package1981.002078.002YesThe MontagoeYesNo
Kokono 2P Comfort Package2382.002529.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Cabana Package2065.002162.002YesThe MontagoeYesNo
Cabana Comfort Package2466.002613.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Ensuite Package4133.004230.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ The Gathering
Ensuite Comfort Package4534.004681.002YesThe MontagoeYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage
Mansion (per request [email protected])---YesMousai AreaYesYes - @ 4 Stages + Mainstage