2022 Tomorrowland Food & Drink Prices

his site summarizes the prices of food, drinks and miscellaneous items found at the Tomorrowland festival grounds and in Dreamville. Please note, prices may differ at the festival but are similar to those listed here. These are the prices from the 2019 edition (and some of 2018) of Tomorrowland.

Item Price Pearls Price EUR Category
Jupiler Beer 0.33L2 P3.20€Drinks
Jupiler Beer XL 0.5L3.75 P6.00€Drinks
Hoegaarden Rosιe2 P3.20€Drinks
Cubanisto Rum Beer3.5 P5.60€Drinks
Pepsi / Pepsi MAX2 P3.20€Drinks
7UP / Sugar Free2 P3.20€Drinks
Mirinda Orange2 P3.20€Drinks
Looza Orange2.5 P4.00€Drinks
Organics Tonic2 P3.20€Drinks
Water 0.33L2 P4.00€Drinks
Water 0.33L Sparkling2.5 P4.00€Drinks
Water 0.33L Grapefruit2.5 P4.00€Drinks
Lipton Iced Tea Sparkling/Green/Peach2 P3.20€Drinks
Red Bull Regular/Sugar-Free/Lime/Green/White2 P3.20€Drinks
Rose Wine3.75 P6.00€Drinks
White Wine3.75 P6.00€Drinks
Coupe Cava Vallformosa4.25 P6.80€Drinks
Absolute Vodka + Soft or Energy6.5 P10.40€Drinks
Havana Club Especial Rum + Soft or Energy6.5 P10.40€Drinks
Jameson Whisky + Soft or Energy6.5 P10.40€Drinks
Beefeater Gin + Soft or Energy6.5 P10.40€Drinks
Lillet + Tonic5.5 P8.80€Drinks
Cupholder0.5 P0.80€Drinks
Celebration Mule w/ Vodka, Ginger Beer, Citrus + Basil7.25 P11.60€Drinks
TML Cocktail w/ Vodka, Cucumber, Lime, Honey + Lavender7.25 P11.60€Drinks
TML Cocktail Non-Alcoholic w/ 7UPFree, Cucumber, Lime, Honey + Lavender4.5 P7.20€Drinks
Mojito7.25 P11.60€Drinks
Paloma Cocktail7.5 P12.00€Drinks
Friendship Jar 2L for all Cocktails except Paloma40 P64.00€Drinks
Friendship Jar 2L for Paloma42 P67.20€Drinks
Breakfast Burger6.5 P10.40€Food Dreamville
Bacon/Black Pepper Burger6.5 P10.40€Food Dreamville
Crispy Chicken Sticks5.5 P8.80€Food Dreamville
Black Aberdeen Burger7 P11.20€Food Dreamville
Black Aberdeen Cheeseburger8 P12.80€Food Dreamville
Double Cheeseburger9 P14.40€Food Dreamville
Bacon, Chicken, Cream Cheese, Chili Wrap7 P11.20€Food Dreamville
Veggie Noodle Burger6.5 P10.40€Food Dreamville
Classic Beef Burger6.75 P10.80€Food Dreamville
Chicken Noodle Burger7 P11.20€Food Dreamville
Hummus Sandwich4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
Croque Sandwich (Ham + Cheese)3 P4.80€Food Dreamville
Club Sandwich4 P6.40€Food Dreamville
Veggie Burger8.5 P13.60€Food Dreamville
Frozen Yoghurt4.75 P7.60€Food Dreamville
LargeFrozen Yoghurt5.75 P9.20€Food Dreamville
Breakfast Cup7 P11.20€Food Dreamville
Extra Topping Frozen Yoghurt0.75 P1.20€Food Dreamville
Super Smoothie4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
Tropical Smoothie4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
Refresher4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
Orange Juice4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
Protein Smoothie Red4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
Protein Smoothie Banana4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
Tropical Breakfast Bowl6 P9.60€Food Dreamville
Red Fruit Breakfast Bowl6 P9.60€Food Dreamville
Fruit Salad5 P8.00€Food Dreamville
Strawberries5 P8.00€Food Dreamville
Watermelon3 P4.80€Food Dreamville
Breakfast Bowl + Smoothie9.75 P15.60€Food Dreamville
Extra Breakfast Topping1 P1.60€Food Dreamville
Extra Breakfast Protein1.5 P2.40€Food Dreamville
Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream Scoop2 P3.20€Food Dreamville
Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream addl. Scoop/Topping0.75 P1.20€Food Dreamville
Roket Ice Cream1.5 P2.40€Food Dreamville
Calippo Cola/Green Tea/Orange1.75 P2.80€Food Dreamville
2 Pancakes Banana + Nutella4.5 P7.20€Food Dreamville
2 Pancakes Sugar + Sirup2.75 P4.40€Food Dreamville
2 Pancakes Nutella3.75 P6.00€Food Dreamville
2 Pancakes Ice Cream5 P8.00€Food Dreamville
2 Pancakes TML5.5 P8.80€Food Dreamville
Bakery Croissant1.5 P2.40€Food Dreamville
Bakery Pain au Chocolat1.5 P2.40€Food Dreamville
Bakery Cheese Croissant2 P3.20€Food Dreamville
Donut Toffee/Pistachio/Strawberry/Sugar-Free3.5 P5.60€Food Dreamville
Pancakes3 P4.80€Food Tomorrowland
Leonidas Ballotin2.5 P4.00€Food Tomorrowland
Ice Cream (+ 0.75 P / add. scoop)2 P3.20€Food Tomorrowland
Ice Cream Topping1 P1.60€Food Tomorrowland
Liθge or Brussel Waffle3 P4.80€Food Tomorrowland
Hamburger Kukelecurrie or Classico6 P9.60€Food Tomorrowland
Black Angus Woeste Burger6.5 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Black Angus Woeste Hot Burger6.5 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Beef Stew with Rice8.75 P14.00€Food Tomorrowland
Curry Tofu with Rice8.25 P13.20€Food Tomorrowland
Kebab6.50 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Balls and Glory6 P9.60€Food Tomorrowland
Balls and Glory + Salad9.5 P15.20€Food Tomorrowland
Balls and Glory + Mashed Potatoes9.5 P15.20€Food Tomorrowland
Willy Nacho Classic4.5 P7.20€Food Tomorrowland
Willy Nacho Mexican Taste5.5 P8.80€Food Tomorrowland
Add Cheese or Cilantro1 P1.60€Food Tomorrowland
Add Guacamole2 P3.20€Food Tomorrowland
Pasta Bolognese or Pesto5.25 P8.40€Food Tomorrowland
Ravioli5.5 P8.80€Food Tomorrowland
Sushi 6pcs11 P17.60€Food Tomorrowland
Sushi 6pcs + Cocktail15 P24.00€Food Tomorrowland
Breakfast Burger6.5 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Bacon/Black Pepper Burger6.5 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Crispy Chicken Sticks5.5 P8.80€Food Tomorrowland
Paella7 P11.20€Food Tomorrowland
Calamaris4.75 P7.60€Food Tomorrowland
Tapas Shrimp7.5 P12.00€Food Tomorrowland
Tapas Espana6.5 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Patatas Bravas3.5 P5.60€Food Tomorrowland
Spring Rolls4 P6.40€Food Tomorrowland
Chicken Karaage5 P8.00€Food Tomorrowland
Wok Noodles8 P12.80€Food Tomorrowland
Wod Nooles + Spring Rolls9 P14.40€Food Tomorrowland
Pizza Margherita4.5 P7.20€Food Tomorrowland
Pizza Carpaccio5.5 P8.80€Food Tomorrowland
Mozarella Sandwich5.25 P8.40€Food Tomorrowland
Parma Sandwich6.5 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Tuna Sandwich6.5 P10.40€Food Tomorrowland
Waffle Plain2.75 P4.40€Food Tomorrowland
Waffle with Caramel4 P6.40€Food Tomorrowland
Waffle with Cream4.25 P6.80€Food Tomorrowland
Waffle with Chocolate4.5 P7.20€Food Tomorrowland
Waffle with Nutella4.5 P7.20€Food Tomorrowland
Ice Ice Baby Waffle6 P9.60€Food Tomorrowland
Caramel Delight Waffle5.5 P8.80€Food Tomorrowland
Banana Twist Waffle6 P9.60€Food Tomorrowland
Strawberry Sensation Waffle6 P9.60€Food Tomorrowland
Topping Fruit/Ice on Waffle2 P3.20€Food Tomorrowland
Topping Non-Druit1.5 P2.40€Food Tomorrowland
Belgian Fries Tomorrowland3.5 P5.60€Belgian Food
Belgian Fries + Sauce Tomorrowland3.75 P6.00€Belgian Food
Chicken Tomorrowland2.25 P3.60€Belgian Food
Beef Stew Tomorrowland2.75 P4.40€Belgian Food
Frikandel Tomorrowland2 P3.20€Belgian Food
Frikandel Special Tomorrowland2.5 P4.00€Belgian Food
Cervela Tomorrowland2 P3.20€Belgian Food
Meatball Tomorrowland2 P3.20€Belgian Food
Meatball Special Tomorrowland2.5 P4.00€Belgian Food
Belgian Fries Dreamville4 P6.40€Belgian Food
Belgian Fries + Sauce Dreamville4.5 P7.20€Belgian Food
Flemish Beef Stew Dreamville3 P4.80€Belgian Food
Beef Croquette Dreamville3.5 P5.60€Belgian Food
Cheese Croquette Dreamville3.5 P5.60€Belgian Food
Chicken Skewer Dreamville3.5 P5.60€Belgian Food
Curry Sausage Dreamville3.5 P5.60€Belgian Food
Red Fruit Yoghurt Bread5 P8.00€Breakfast Buffet
Libanese Bread5 P8.00€Breakfast Buffet
Watermelon Ham Bread5 P8.00€Breakfast Buffet
Grilled Vegetable Bread5 P8.00€Breakfast Buffet
Poached Eggs5 P8.00€Breakfast Buffet
Steak Platter8 P12.80€Breakfast Buffet
Sticks on a Plate6 P9.60€Breakfast Buffet
Burrata6.5 P10.40€Breakfast Buffet
Fresh Pasta, Tomato, Parmesan6 P9.60€Breakfast Buffet
Espresso1.5 P2.40€Coffee
Coffee2 P3.20€Coffee
Cappucino3 P4.80€Coffee
Cappucino Flavored3.5 P5.60€Coffee
Latte Macchiato3.5 P5.60€Coffee
Latte Macchiato Flavored4 P6.40€Coffee
Iced Latte3.5 P5.60€Coffee
Tea2 P3.20€Coffee
Frozen Yoghurt Normal4.75 P7.60€Frozen Yoghurt
Frozen Yoghurt Large5.75 P9.20€Frozen Yoghurt
Extra Topping0.75 P1.20€Frozen Yoghurt
Breakfast Cup6.5 P10.40€Frozen Yoghurt
Breakfast Cup TML7 P11.20€Frozen Yoghurt
Fruit Cup5 P8.00€Frozen Yoghurt
Ginette Lager Tap3 P4.80€Belgian Beer
Ginette Triple/Fruit/White/Blond4 P6.40€Belgian Beer
Leffe Blond Tap4 P6.40€Belgian Beer
Hoegaarden Tap2.5 P4.00€Belgian Beer
Karmeliet Tap4.5 P7.20€Belgian Beer
Kwak Tap4.5 P7.20€Belgian Beer
Croquettes Cheese, Thai and Shrimp6 P9.60€Belgian Beer
1.5L Water CarrefourN/A1.60€Market
Phone Charger Battery (16 € refund)16 P25.60€Market
iPhone USB3 P4.80€Market
Android USB2 P3.20€Market
USB-C3 P4.80€Market
Band Aids Market4 P6.40€Market
Gum Market1 P1.60€Market
Condoms Market3 P4.80€Market
Deodorant Market5 P8.00€Market
Mint Market1 P1.60€Market
Handkerchief Market1 P1.60€Market
Lighter Market1 P1.60€Market
Lip Balm Market4 P4.60€Market
Sucker/Lolly (2) Market1 P1.60€Market
Mosquito after-bite Market5 P8.00€Market
Anti-Mosquito Market9 P14.40€Market
Sunscreen SPF 30 Market6 P9.60€Market
Pads (2) Market1 P1.60€Market
Tampons (2) Market1 P1.60€Market