2024 Parookaville Ticket Prices

Last Update | February 2nd, 2024 | 23:28CEST

This database provides the ticket cost for each type of Parookaville ticket. For details of each ticket package, visit the official Parookaville website. The price for a 2024 Parookaville ticket very well depends on what type of ticket you are looking for. A Parookaville 2024 day pass starts at 119€, while a weekend pass (without camping) starts at 249€. If you would like to also camp, the cost is naturally higher with ticket prices for the festival and camping starting at 339€. We have also included a column that compares prices to last year's edition.

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Ticket Type Amount Price Price p.p. Price Change vs. '23
Regular Full Weekend VisaFestival1€249.00€249.00↗ 8.7%
Regular Friday VisaFestival1€129.00€129.00↗ 8.4%
Regular Saturday VisaFestival1€149.00€149.00↗ 7.2%
Regular Sunday VisaFestival1€119.00€119.00↗ 20.2%
VIP Full Weekend VisaFestival1€389.00€389.00↗ 5.4%
VIP Friday VisaFestival1€229.00€229.00↗ 9.6%
VIP Saturday VisaFestival1€249.00€249.00↗ 8.7%
VIP Sunday VisaFestival1€219.00€219.00↗ 15.9%
Regular Full Weekend Visa + Base GroundCampsite: Base Ground1€339.00€339.00↗ 0.0%
VIP Full Weekend Visa + Base GroundCampsite: Base Ground1€479.00€479.00↗ 0.0%
Caravan Empire (2 Persons)Caravan Empire Package2€1099.00€549.50↗ 1.9%
Comfort Bell (2 persons)Comfort Camp Packages2€1399.00€699.50↗ 0.0%
Comfort Tipi (4 persons)Comfort Camp Packages4€2599.00€649.75↗ 0.0%
Deluxe Bioko (2 persons)Deluxe Camp Packages2€1989.00€994.50↗ 0.0%
Deluxe Bell (2 persons)Deluxe Camp Packages2€1899.00€949.50↗ 0.0%
Deluxe Dreamotel (2 persons)Deluxe Camp Packages2€2149.00€1074.50↗ 0.0%
Deluxe Air (2 persons)Deluxe Camp Packages2€2199.00€1099.50↗ 0.0%
Deluxe Bunkhouse (2 persons)Deluxe Camp Packages2€2499.00€1249.50↗ 0.0%
Regular 4* Welcome Hotel Wesel Suite (2 persons)Hotel Packages2€1699.00€849.50↗ 6.3%
Regular 4* Welcome Hotel Wesel Suite (4 persons)Hotel Packages4€3199.00€799.75↗ 3.2%
Platinum Club FridayPlatinum Club1€579.00€579.00↗ 9.5%
Platinum Club SaturdayPlatinum Club1€649.00€649.00↗ 8.3%
Platinum Club SundayPlatinum Club1€499.00€499.00↗ 11.1%
Regular Full Weekend Visa + Caravan EmpireAdd-Ons: Caravan Empire1€339.00€339.00↗ 0.0%
VIP Full Weekend Upgrade (1 person)Add-Ons: VIP Full Weekend Upgrade1€140.00€140.00↗ 0.0%
Parking: Campsite Full WeekendAdd-Ons: Parking-€30.00€30.00↗ 0.0%
Parking: Festival Full WeekendAdd-Ons: Parking-€30.00€30.00↗ 0.0%
Parking: Festival FridayAdd-Ons: Parking-€20.00€20.00↗ 0.0%
Parking: Festival SaturdayAdd-Ons: Parking-€20.00€20.00↗ 0.0%
Parking: Festival SundayAdd-Ons: Parking-€20.00€20.00↗ 0.0%
Friendship CampCampsite: Friendship Camp8€3175.00€396.88↗ NEW
Easy CampCampsite: Easy Camp4€1716.00€429.00↗ NEW
Locker M: Camping Full WeekendAdd-Ons: Locker-€25.00€25.00↗ 25.0%
Locker M: Festival Full WeekendAdd-Ons: Locker-€35.00€35.00↗ 75.0%
Locker M: Festival 1 DayAdd-Ons: Locker-€9.00€9.00↗ 28.6%
Locker L: Camping Full WeekendAdd-Ons: Locker-€30.00€30.00↗ 25.0%
Locker L: Festival Full WeekendAdd-Ons: Locker-€22.50€22.50↗ -6.3%
Locker L: Festival 1 DayAdd-Ons: Locker-€14.00€14.00↗ 16.7%
Deluxe Camp: RefrigeratorAdd-Ons: Comfort/Deluxe Camp & Hotel-€49.00€49.00↗ 0.0%
Deluxe Camp: PowerAdd-Ons: Comfort/Deluxe Camp & Hotel-€119.00€119.00↗ 9.2%
Deluxe The BossDeluxe Camp Packages4€3699.00€924.75↗ NEW
Deluxe Diamond SuiteDeluxe Camp Packages2€6499.00€3249.50↗ NEW