2023 Tomorrowland Guide

Last Update | February 7th, 2023

Welcome to our 2023 Tomorrowland Guide! This guide will, as the name says, "guide" you through various aspects of Tomorrowland. We will answer the who, what when and why's of the upcoming edition based on crowdsourced knowledge from avid Tomorrowland festival goers. Feel free to scroll through various aspects on this page, or use the index below to jump to a section of this guide. Enjoy!

Current FAQ

What are the Dates for Tomorrowland 2023?

Weekend 1: July 21st - 23rd 2023

Weekend 2: July 28th - 30th 2023

When does the Tomorrowland 2023 Ticket Sale start?

The 2023 Tomorrowland ticket sale has ended. The only chance to score tickets now is by signing up for the waitling list

Worldwide Ticket Sale: February 4th, 2023 at 17:00 CET.

Worldwide Pre-Sale: January 28th, 2023 at 17:00 CET.

Global Journey Sale: January 21st, 2023 at 17:00 CET.

What's the theme for Tomorrowland 2023?

"Tomorrowland’s Great Library: Adscendo"

When will the full Line-Up be announced?

Find all hosts and the partially released line-up below:

What to bring? – Your Tomorrowland Packing list!


Tomorrowland Bracelet
Tomorrowland ticket confirmation
Pre-purchased vouchers
ID / Passport / Drivers License - with copies, especially if you are travelling internationally.
Emergency contact info
Cash - even though it’s a cashless festival, cash is still king and you can still use it to top up bracelets, buy cigarettes or use it at stores outside the festival
Credit cards

Medication / First Aid

Hangover remedy - an electrolyte mix of your choice.
Pain relievers
Caffeine pills - to stay awake if coffee and energy drinks aren't your thing.
Hand sanitizer
Prescription medication - with a doctors letter.


Air mattress
Camping chair
Sleeping bag
Flash light
Sleeping mask
Ear plugs - to protect you ears from loud music and too sleep at the camping site while others are partying ;)
Condoms - self-explanatory.

Camping toiletries

Deodorant / Fragrance
Wet wipes
Toilet paper - they have some, but bring your own if you prefer anything more than 1-ply.
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shaving cream
Hand held mirror


T Shirts
Flip flops
Fanny pack or backpack
Various festival outfits
Raincoat / Poncho


USB-C/Lightning etc. charging cable
Power Bank
Prepaid SIM card - if you don’t have an EU SIM card
Portable fan


Gum - for a fresh breath.
Emtpy bottle - to refill water.
Country flag - represent your country.

Types of Tickets

There are a variety of tickets that Tomorrowland offers. If you would like to know how obtain these very sought after tickets, jump to section 3. How to Get Tickets. The three main catergories of tickets offered are simple day/weekend passes without camping, weekend passes with camping and Global Journey which are tickets that include weekend passes, accommodation and means of travel. If you are curious about ticket costs for day/weekend passes and camping passes, by clicking the button below.

Tickets Without Camping

If you do not want to camp, live relatively close to the festival location or will organize your own accommadation, these tickets are for you!
The following tickets are offered:

Day Passes - for either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Full Madness Pass - access for the entire weekend.

Each ticket has a "Comfort" vesion which will give you access to separate, usually elevated, viewing decks and some stages throughout the festival. Day passes also have a "Pleasure" version, which includes access to some (but not all) separate viewing decks as well.

Tickets With Camping

Tomorrowland offers a variety of accommondations if you wish to camp close to the festival site. Keep in mind, the more expensive the accomondation, the less likely you will be able to score such a ticket during any of the sales. The list is in order of increasing price. Again, check out pricing for each individual ticket on our dedicated page.
The following accommodations are offered:

Magnificent Greens - Bring your own tent and everything else.
Magnificent Greens 1P/2P Tent - Pick up a Tomorrowland tent once you arrive.
Magnificent Greens Camp2Camp - Tomorrowland will pitch a previously owned tent for you.

Friendship Garden - Find 9 friends and you will get a dedicated spot to camp with a pre-pitched gazebo, Bring your own tents.
Friendship Garden Camp2Camp - Find 9 friends and you will get a dedicated spot to camp with a pre-pitched gazebo and pre-pitched tents.

Easy Tent 2P/4P - Pre-pitched Tomorrowland-themed tents for 2P/4P in an exclusive area.
Supreme Easy Tent 2P/4P - Pre-pitched upgraded Tomorrowland-themed tents for 2P/4P in an exclusive area.
Relax Room 2P - A container-like room for 2P in an exclusive area.
Dream Lodge 2P - An exclusive tent for 2P in an exclusive area.
Kokono 2P - An exclusive tent for 2P in an exclusive area.
Cabana 2P - An exclusive tent for 2P in an exclusive area.
Ensuite 2P - An exclusive tent-like complex for 2P in an exclusive area.

Mansion - A complex that is estimated to cost around 40.000 - 50.000 Euros valid for up to 10 people. Festival tickets are not included. Can only be requested via E-mail at [email protected].

All camping tickets (except the Mansion) include a full weekend festival access pass. All camping tickets have a "Comfort" version which gives you access to various comfort stages throughout the weekend, including a comfort stage at "The Gathering" which is a warm-up evening with a stage just for people camping. For details of what's included in these packages as well as pictures of each,
visit the official Tomorrowland website.

Global Journey

Global Journey combines camping tickets listed above with travel accomondations. These travel accommodations can be via bus, train or plane. If you are curious about Global Journey prices, click the button below to simulate pricing.

Tomorrowland puts a hefty premium on Global Journey, as these are usually the tickets that aren't sold out immediately. There are various spreadsheets out there made from fans that can give you a good estimate of the cost. We have also linked a couple Global Journey Spreadsheet #1 and Global Journey Spreadsheet #2.

How to Get Tickets

This section is relatively big as it is not easy to get a highly sought after Tomorrowland ticket for a resonable price. Tomorrowland is notorious for selling out almost instantly in their various sales, and therefore it is of essence to plan ahead when trying to score a ticket. Before we go through each option, we want to emphasize that in the past people have tried to get trough ticket queue on sale-day by writing scripts, opening multiple tabs, multiple browser or accessing the site from multiple IP adresses. As of 2019, Tomorrowland has implemented that each person trying to buy a ticket has to create a Tomorrowland account to access. Therefore, these methods above do not necessarily work anymore and we do not condone the use of such. If you were looking for such a method here, do not read any further as we are only telling you about the official ways that will save you all the trouble. With dedication, you will be able to score a tickt (or with the right amount of money). All individuals attempting to acquire tickets directly through Tomorrowland must register at tomorrowland.com. Registration usually starts in December the year before the festival. In 2023, registration opens December 7th at 17:00 CET. Before we start, the order of ticket possibilities here is the order we have attempted to score tickets for every edition since 2017. We have succeeded every year so far! (1x Pre-Sale, 1x FG Sale, 2x Waiting list). Here we go:

First 20 Sale

The First 20 Sale is reserved for 20 invidiuals of each country that were the fastest at registering once registration opens. It is more likely to be in this sale if you register in time from a smaller country (like Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, San Marino... you get the idea). However, for countries like the Germany or the United States, it's way less likely to be in the Top 20. It requires a lot of luck to receive tickets this way, but it is a possibility. If you are one of the first 20, you have a dedicated sale that guarantees 4 tickets of your choice for the festival.

Belgian Sale

The Belgian Sale, as the name suggests, is for Belgian residents only. Keep in mind that you need a Belgian address to participate in this sale. You do not need to be a Belgian citizen. If you have a Belgian address, you will have the option to participate in this sale with you tomorrowland account. On the day of sale, a dedicated shop button will pop up in your Tomorrowland account. In 2022, this sale occurred on the 25th of January 2023 at 11:00 CET. It is likely you will receive tickets this way if you enter the shop on time. According to Dutch media, 200.000 tickets are sold during the Belgian Pre-Sale alone.


The Pre-Sale is for individuals of all nationalities and for everyone that did not make the First 20 Sale. This is likely the first sale you will participate in attempting to score tickets. The Pre-Sale has a couple differences compared to the "Worldwide Sale" below. 100.000 tickets are sold during the pre-sale as of 2019 and prices tend to be a little cheaper that the "Worldwide Sale". In 2023, this sale occurred on the 28th of January 2023, at 17:00 CET. Tickets for last editions were sold-out in under an hour, with most sought after tickets gone after 10 minutes.

Worldwide Sale

The Worldwide Sale works the same way as the Pre-Sale, with a couple differences. First of all, prices for every ticket are roughly 10% more expensive. Secondly, only roughly 70000 tickets are available making it even more difficult to acquire tickets this way. The Worldwide Sale took place on the 4th of February 2023, at 17:00 CET. One week after the pre-sale.

Friendship Garden Sale

Still don't have tickets after all these steps but have 9 other friends on hand? Then this sale is for you. The Friendship Garden Sale is a sale particularly for Friendship Garden Tickets only. You will have to register separately for this sale some time while registration is open. Tomorrowland will send out an e-mail as to when this is (usually also in December/January). Before attempting to take apart of this sale, we recommend that all of your friends register and that you make a WhatsApp/Facebook etc. group to discuss finances and so on. This sale took place on the 21st of January, 2023.

Global Journey Sale

If money is not an issue for you, this sale will almost guarantee you tickets and even accommodate you with travel if needed. The Global Journey Sale started on the 21st of January 2023 at 17:00 CET. This sale gives you the opportunity to combine any Tomorrowland ticket with Bus, Train or Plane as well as accommodation outside Dreamville (the camping grounds). This comes at a cost however and can easily double/triple/quadruple the original ticket prices. But again, if money is not the issue and you really want to experience Tomorrowland, we can almost guarantee you can score tickets this way. To enter this sale, you will also need to have a Tomorrowland account. You will find the deidcate shop button in your account at sale start.

Waitinglist Sale

With our team scoring tickets at "Worldwide Sale" prices with this twice in the past 4 years, we can definitely recommend this sale if you do not necessarily want to splurge during the Global Journey Sale. Once all sales have passed, Tomorrowland will send out the option to register in the "Waitinglist Sale". In past years, this e-mail was sent out some time at the end of January/beginning of February. Once registered, there will be 'waves' of e-mails sent out to a lucky few usually once a month leading up to the festival. Usually once a month, there will be an e-mail stating that some regular sale participants have decided to give their tickets away. This will be your opportunity to participate in the dedicated "Waitinglist Sale". If chosen, Tomorrowland will send you specific infos on when this sale takes place. Some lucky Tomorrowland participants have received such an e-mail up to a week before the festival at the beginning of July. Therefore you should be a festival goer of spontaneous nature!

Travel Partners

The ONLY other OFFICIAL way to get Tomorrowland tickets not direclty through your Tomorrowland is through travel partners. Tomorrowland lists all official travel partners on their website. Find all current Tomorrowland travel partners here. Partners are sorted by continent, and each come with different offers such as travel and accommodation. This is usually also more expensive that Global Journey etc.

Viagogo, Ebay and other Sites

Neither Tomorrowland, nor festivalviewer.com endorses acquiring tickets this way. In Tomorrowland's terms of service, it specifically states that ticket sales outside of Tomorrowland and its travel partners are forbidden. There have been cases where individuals have gotten tickets this way, and showed up to the gates only to be not let in. We do not recommend obtaining tickets this way, and will not give further details on how this can be done.


When the dates to the festivals get closer, Tomorrowland will start offering a variety of vouchers on their website during their voucher sale. These vouchers can be purchased solely through your Tomorrowland account. Vouchers are described in detail from past years below, and are offered for amenities in main categories: parking, lockers, shuttles, dreamville extras and food experiences. All prices and offers below are from the 2022 edition.


You will have two parking options. If you solely have day pass/weekend pass, you will have the option to buy a parking ticket with a lot close to the festival. If you have a ticket that also includes camping, you will have the option to buy a parking voucher for a lot close to Dreamville camping.

Parking - Festival - 1 Day: 12,50€

Parking - Festival - Weekend: 30€

Parking - Dreamville - Weekend: 35€


You will also have the options to rent a locker at either the festival site or in Dreamville. Lockers are offered in several sizes.

Locker - Festival - 1 Day - Size S: 6€

Locker - Festival - 1 Day - Size M (24x28x50cm): 8€

Locker - Festival - 1 Days - Size L (35x28x50cm): 10€

Locker - Festival - 3 Days - Size S: 15€

Locker - Festival - 3 Days - Size M (24x28x50cm): 20€

Locker - Festival - 3 Days - Size L (35x28x50cm): 25€

Locker - Dreamville - 5 Days - Size S (24x28x50cm): 20€

Locker - Dreamville - 5 Days - Size M (35x28x50cm): 25€

Locker - Dreamville - 5 Days - Size L (37x36x56cm): 30€

Locker - Dreamville - 5 Days - Size XL (30x60x50cm): 40€

Dreamville Extras

Cold Beer Pickup: 24€

Only on the first day of camping before 16h00. 24 x 33cl cans of Jupiler.

Alpro Breakfast: 14€

Start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast combination. This Alpro Breakfast contains a breakfast bowl, fresh smoothie and a nice cup of coffee. Pick-up your Breakfast at the Breakfast Corner by Alpro between 08h00 – 11h00. Enjoy plant power! Important: Only valid for Magnificent Greens, Friendship Garden, Camp2Camp and Easy Tent Visitors. Location: Breakfast Corner by Alpro in The Farmhouse at DreamVille, located in Green District of Magnificent Greens.

Farmhouse Breakfast: 21€

The Farmhouse chefs will serve you all you need for a wonderful day at Tomorrowland: bacon, eggs, bread, coffee… Relax and enjoy a cosy Farmhouse Breakfast buffet. Come and enjoy your breakfast between 08h00 – 10h00, 10h00 - 12h00 or 12h00 -14h00. Important: Only valid for Magnificent Greens, Friendship Garden and Easy Tent Visitors. Location: The Farmhouse at DreamVille, located in Green District of Magnificent Greens

Montagoe Breakfast: 29€ (75€ for all 3 days)

The DreamVille chefs will serve a tasteful breakfast buffet filled with fresh pastries, eggs, finest fruits, cereal, carefully selected charcuterie and cheese and more to start your day with a smile. Reserve your Rise & Shine breakfast together with your friends. Important: Only valid for DreamLodge, Cabana, Kokono, Relax Room and Ensuite visitors. Breakfast at the Montagoe is open from 7h30 until 12h00.

Festival Restaurant Experiences

MESA - Sharing the Great Tastes of the World: 41€

"Sharing great tastes of the world. Go on a culinary journey through the world at the “Tastes of the World” Restaurant Mesa, originally based in Antwerp. The Mesa team will serve you some unique sharing food. Travelling through the world by cocktails, food and great music. Come with your friends and enjoy magical moments together…" Attention: You have to choose between a regular and a veggie menu. You can’t mix a regular and veggie menu in one order because of the sharing principle. Please be aware you will share a table with other People of Tomorrow. "

The Mesa Restaurant at Tomorrowland

© Mesa on Facebook 2019


Food: Selection of appetizers – sharing menu (regular or veggie) – dessert

Drinks: 1 Welcome cocktail – 1 glass of red MESA wine – ½ bottle of water

Location: In the big orangerie tent in the Mesa Garden area.

BRASA - Passion for the Best Grilled Food: 44€ (Deluxe 79€)

"Passion for the best grilled food. Imagine a spot surrounded by water, open fires and the beats of Leaf Stage. This is Tastes of the World’s Brasa! After another successful edition at Tomorrowland Winter, Brasa will serve you a great meat, fish or cheese dish straight from the Ofyr grill. Summer vibes at its best!"

Food from Brasa at Tomorrowland

© User "Relevant_Air816" on Reddit 2019


Food: Appetizer – Main Course (meat/fish/veggie) – Sweet bite

Drinks: 1 glass of wine – ½ bottle of water

Location: On the terrace close to Leaf stage

Deluxe Menu:

Food: Appetizer – Wagyu Beef tasting experience – Main Course (meat/fish/veggie) - Sweet bite

Drinks: 1 glass of wine – ½ bottle of water

Location: On the terrace close to Leaf stage

Tomorrowland Restaurant - Fine magical flavours: 45€

"Enjoy a top-class meal with a magnificent view on the Mainstage. Take your pick of the finest meat, fish or veggie course."

Tomorrowland Restaurant Table with Mainstage View

© Festticket 2018


Food: Selection of different appetizers – Main Course (meat/fish/veggie) – Dessert

Drinks: Welcome drink – 1 glass of wine – ½ bottle of water

Location: At the Mainstage, on top of the hill, in the tent in the middle

Chef's Table: 495€

"Experience a personal and exquisite food experience with the most awarded chef in Asia: Gaggan Anand & Dutch chef Thijs Meliefste. Gaggan Anand's Chef's Table: on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Weekend 1 & Weekend 2, and Friday and Saturday during Weekend 3. Thijs Meliefste's Chef's Table: on Sunday during Weekend 3, Dutch chef Thijs Meliefste takes you on a culinary journey."

Timing: Each day from 13:00 until 17:00 CEST.

150,00€ of 495,00€ goes to the Tomorrowland Foundation.

"Enjoy Meliefste & Anand's gastronomical journey in the highest echelon of fine dining, together with friends from all over the world."

Shuttles to Tomorrowland and Dreamville

To and from Tomorrowland

Bus shuttle transfer from your selected city to Tomorrowland at the start of the festival + bus shuttle transfer back from Tomorrowland to your selected city after the festival. Bus stop is located 300m away from the main entrance

Cities: Aalst, Arendonk, Brugge, Brussel, Eindhoven, Geel, Genk, Gent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven, Liège, Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Truiden, Tienen, Turnhout

Airport to and from Dreamville

Shuttle transfer from your selected airport to DreamVille on Thursday. Shuttle transfer back from DreamVille to your selected airport on Monday. Bus stop is located 200m away of entrance 2 of DreamVille.

Airports: BRU and CRL