2020 Parookaville Line-Up Database

This database can be used to search for any Parookaville set from 2020. Filter sets based on artist name, host name, stage location, year, day and weekend. The database might take a few seconds to load. You can also go to seperate databases for each individual year by using the dropdown below, or you can filter by year in the database itself.

Individual Years

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Artist Stage Name Host Name Timeslot Date Year Day Genre
David PuentezMainstageParookaville - Live from the City19:00 - 20:0017 July2020FridayTraditional House, Techno
TujamoMainstageParookaville - Live from the City20:00 - 21:0017 July2020FridayTraditional House
TopicMainstageParookaville - Live from the City21:00 - 22:3017 July2020FridayUnknown
Felix JaehnMainstageParookaville - Live from the City22:30 - 00:0017 July2020FridayDeep House, Tech House
Lari LukeMainstageParookaville - Live from the City19:00 - 20:1518 July2020SaturdayUnknown
Alle FarbenMainstageParookaville - Live from the City20:15 - 21:3018 July2020SaturdayTech House, Techno, Deep House
Fedde Le GrandMainstageParookaville - Live from the City21:30 - 22:4518 July2020SaturdayProgressive House
W&WMainstageParookaville - Live from the City22:45 - 00:0018 July2020SaturdayTrance
Brennan HartMainstageParookaville - Live from the City00:00 - 01:0018 July2020SaturdayUnknown