2015 Tomorrowland Brasil Line-Up Database

This database can be used to search for any Tomorrowland Brasil set from 2015. Filter sets based on artist name, host name, stage location and day. The database might take a few seconds to load. You can also go to seperate databases for each individual year by using the dropdown below, or you can filter by year in the database itself.

Individual Years

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Artist Stage Name Host Name Timeslot Date Year Day Genre
Comrad & CoinThe GatheringThe Gathering14:00 - 15:00May 12015ThursdayUnknown
MashpopThe GatheringThe Gathering15:00 - 16:00May 12015ThursdayUnknown
FlapjackersThe GatheringThe Gathering16:00 - 17:00May 12015ThursdayUnknown
MystiqueThe GatheringThe Gathering17:00 - 18:00May 12015ThursdayUnknown
Kevin BarnettThe GatheringThe Gathering18:00 - 19:30May 12015ThursdayUnknown
DJ Marky x ZegonThe GatheringThe Gathering19:30 - 21:00May 12015ThursdayUnknown
KickstartsThe GatheringThe Gathering21:00 - 22:30May 12015ThursdayHard Dance
CooneThe GatheringThe Gathering22:30 - 23:30May 12015ThursdayDrum & Bass
NetskyThe GatheringThe Gathering23:30 - 00:30May 12015ThursdayUnknown
Yves YThe GatheringThe Gathering00:30 - 01:00May 12015ThursdayUnknown
Viktor Mora & NaccaratiMainstageMainstage14:00 - 15:30May 12015FridayUnknown
Mario FischettiMainstageMainstage15:30 - 17:00May 12015FridayElectro House
FelgukMainstageMainstage17:00 - 18:00May 12015FridayCommercial Dance, Electro House, Progressive House
WolfpackMainstageMainstage18:00 - 19:30May 12015FridayProgressive House
DannicMainstageMainstage19:30 - 21:00May 12015FridayElectro House
DeorroMainstageMainstage21:00 - 22:00May 12015FridayTrance
W&WMainstageMainstage22:00 - 23:00May 12015FridayElectro House, Progressive House
AfrojackMainstageMainstage23:00 - 00:00May 12015FridayElectro House, Progressive House
HardwellMainstageMainstage00:00 - 01:00May 12015FridayElectro House, Indie / Underground
Steve AokiMainstageMainstage01:00 - 02:00May 12015FridayUnknown
Raul MendesSuper You&MeSuper You&Me14:00 - 15:00May 12015FridayUnknown
Ale RauenSuper You&MeSuper You&Me15:00 - 16:00May 12015FridayUnknown
Tom KellerSuper You&MeSuper You&Me16:00 - 17:30May 12015FridayEperimentalacoustic
GTASuper You&MeSuper You&Me17:30 - 19:00May 12015FridayProgressive House
Don DiabloSuper You&MeSuper You&Me19:00 - 20:30May 12015FridayElectro House, Electronica, Techno
Oliver HeldensSuper You&MeSuper You&Me20:30 - 22:00May 12015FridayUnknown
Super Heroes (Laidback Luke, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Dannic)Super You&MeSuper You&Me22:00 - 23:00May 12015FridayCommercial Dance
DVBBSSuper You&MeSuper You&Me23:00 - 00:30May 12015FridayElectro House
Laidback LukeSuper You&MeSuper You&Me00:30 - 02:00May 12015FridayTechno, Progressive House
Flow & ZeoParadiseParadise14:00 - 15:30May 12015FridayUnknown
DigitariaParadiseParadise15:30 - 17:00May 12015FridayElectronica
VolkoderParadiseParadise17:00 - 19:00May 12015FridayTech House
Bob MosesParadiseParadise19:00 - 20:00May 12015FridayCommercial Dance
Patrick ToppingParadiseParadise20:00 - 22:00May 12015FridayTech House, Techno
Guy GerberParadiseParadise22:00 - 00:00May 12015FridayTech House
Jamie JonesParadiseParadise00:00 - 02:00May 12015FridayProgressive House, Trance
Danilo ErcoleFerry Corsten presents FULL ONFerry Corsten presents FULL ON14:00 - 16:15May 12015FridayTrance
HeatbeatFerry Corsten presents FULL ONFerry Corsten presents FULL ON16:15 - 18:00May 12015FridayUnknown
M.I.K.E PushFerry Corsten presents FULL ONFerry Corsten presents FULL ON18:00 - 19:30May 12015FridayTrance
Andrew RayelFerry Corsten presents FULL ONFerry Corsten presents FULL ON19:30 - 21:00May 12015FridayTrance
Aly & FilaFerry Corsten presents FULL ONFerry Corsten presents FULL ON21:00 - 22:30May 12015FridayProgressive House, Trance
Cosmic GateFerry Corsten presents FULL ONFerry Corsten presents FULL ON22:30 - 00:00May 12015FridayTrance
Ferry CorstenFerry Corsten presents FULL ONFerry Corsten presents FULL ON00:00 - 02:00May 12015FridayUnknown
MS2DJ Marky & FriendsDJ Marky & Friends14:00 - 16:00May 12015FridayUnknown
DJ PatifeDJ Marky & FriendsDJ Marky & Friends16:00 - 18:00May 12015FridayUnknown
0ne87DJ Marky & FriendsDJ Marky & Friends18:00 - 19:30May 12015FridayCommercial Dance
S.P.YDJ Marky & FriendsDJ Marky & Friends19:30 - 21:00May 12015FridayDrum & Bass
NetskyDJ Marky & FriendsDJ Marky & Friends21:00 - 22:30May 12015FridayDrum And Bass, Jungle
DJ MarkyDJ Marky & FriendsDJ Marky & Friends22:30 - 00:30May 12015FridayDrum & Bass
Ed RushDJ Marky & FriendsDJ Marky & Friends00:30 - 02:00May 12015FridayUnknown
MorganaUP ClubUP Club14:00 - 15:30May 12015FridayUnknown
Fran BortolossiUP ClubUP Club15:30 - 17:00May 12015FridayUnknown
Joao LeeUP ClubUP Club17:00 - 18:30May 12015FridayCommercial Dance, Electronica
IllusionizeUP ClubUP Club18:30 - 20:30May 12015FridayUnknown
DoozieUP ClubUP Club20:30 - 22:30May 12015FridayUnknown
DazzoUP ClubUP Club22:30 - 00:30May 12015FridayCommercial Dance
AlokUP ClubUP Club00:30 - 02:00May 12015FridayUnknown
DanidementeQ-DanceQ-Dance14:00 - 17:00May 12015FridayUnknown
NosleQ-DanceQ-Dance17:00 - 20:00May 12015FridayHard Dance
WildstylezQ-DanceQ-Dance20:00 - 21:30May 12015FridayHard Dance
CooneQ-DanceQ-Dance21:30 - 23:00May 12015FridayHardcore Techno, Techno, Traditional House, Trance
AtmozfearsQ-DanceQ-Dance23:00 - 00:30May 12015FridayHardcore Techno
Evil ActivitiesQ-DanceQ-Dance00:30 - 02:00May 12015FridayElectronica
VolkoderMainstageMainstage14:00 - 15:30May 22015SaturdayCommercial Dance
AlokMainstageMainstage15:30 - 16:30May 22015SaturdayCommercial Dance
Marcelo CICMainstageMainstage16:30 - 18:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House
Sunnery James & Ryan MarcianoMainstageMainstage18:00 - 19:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House, Electronica, Techno
Oliver HeldensMainstageMainstage19:00 - 20:00May 22015SaturdayCommercial Dance
DVBBSMainstageMainstage20:00 - 21:00May 22015SaturdayHardcore Techno
ShowtekMainstageMainstage21:30 - 20:30May 22015SaturdayProgressive House
Yves VMainstageMainstage22:00 - 23:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House, Progressive House
NervoMainstageMainstage23:00 - 00:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House
Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeMainstageMainstage00:00 - 01:00May 22015SaturdayTrance
Armin van BuurenMainstageMainstage01:00 - 02:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Bruno BarudiRevealedRevealed14:00 - 15:30May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Julian CalorRevealedRevealed15:30 - 17:00May 22015SaturdayCommercial Dance
Kill The BuzzRevealedRevealed17:00 - 18:30May 22015SaturdayProgressive House
DannicRevealedRevealed18:30 - 20:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House, Progressive House
HardwellRevealedRevealed20:00 - 21:30May 22015SaturdayCommercial Dance
Thomas NewsonRevealedRevealed21:30 - 23:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House
FtampaRevealedRevealed23:00 - 00:30May 22015SaturdayProgressive House
Sick IndividualsRevealedRevealed00:30 - 02:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House
DirtyloudDim MakDim Mak14:00 - 15:30May 22015SaturdayElectro House
AutoerotiqueDim MakDim Mak15:30 - 17:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House, Indie / Underground
Steve AokiDim MakDim Mak17:00 - 18:45May 22015SaturdayDrum & Bass, Dubstep
DirtyphonicsDim MakDim Mak18:45 - 20:30May 22015SaturdayDubstep
BorgoreDim MakDim Mak20:30 - 22:30May 22015SaturdayElectro House
DeorroDim MakDim Mak22:30 - 00:00May 22015SaturdayElectro House
Darth & VaderDim MakDim Mak00:00 - 02:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Diogo AcciolyDiynamicDiynamic14:00 - 15:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Junior CDiynamicDiynamic15:00 - 16:00May 22015SaturdayElectronica
KarmonDiynamicDiynamic16:00 - 17:30May 22015SaturdayTech House
StimmingDiynamicDiynamic17:30 - 18:30May 22015SaturdayElectronica, Tech House, Techno
AdriatiqueDiynamicDiynamic18:30 - 20:30May 22015SaturdayCommercial Dance
H.O.S.HDiynamicDiynamic20:30 - 22:30May 22015SaturdayTech House
Kollektiv TurmstrasseDiynamicDiynamic22:30 - 23:30May 22015SaturdayTech House
SolomunDiynamicDiynamic23:30 - 02:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
DashdotWarung SavageWarung Savage14:00 - 15:30May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Daniel Kuhnen x AninhaWarung SavageWarung Savage15:30 - 17:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Leo JaneiroWarung SavageWarung Savage17:00 - 18:30May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Leozinho x ContiWarung SavageWarung Savage18:30 - 20:00May 22015SaturdayTech House, Techno
Gui BorattoWarung SavageWarung Savage20:00 - 21:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Oliver WeiterWarung SavageWarung Savage21:00 - 22:00May 22015SaturdayProgressive House, Tech House
Hernan CattaneoWarung SavageWarung Savage22:00 - 23:30May 22015SaturdayTech House, Techno
SashaWarung SavageWarung Savage23:30 - 01:00May 22015SaturdayCommercial Dance
Renato RatierWarung SavageWarung Savage01:00 - 02:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Audio-XPsytrancePsytrance14:00 - 15:30May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Jackie WhitePsytrancePsytrance15:30 - 17:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
CosmonetPsytrancePsytrance17:00 - 18:30May 22015SaturdayTraditional House
ElementPsytrancePsytrance18:30 - 20:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
FiragaPsytrancePsytrance20:00 - 21:30May 22015SaturdayPsychedelic Trance
AstrixPsytrancePsytrance21:30 - 23:00May 22015SaturdayTrance
SynSUNPsytrancePsytrance23:00 - 00:30May 22015SaturdayTrance
SkaziPsytrancePsytrance00:30 - 02:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
MJPColab011Colab01114:00 - 15:30May 22015SaturdayUnknown
Soul OneColab011Colab01115:30 - 17:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
CesrvColab011Colab01117:00 - 18:30May 22015SaturdayBand
SantsColab011Colab01118:30 - 20:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
VekrColab011Colab01120:00 - 21:30May 22015SaturdayTechno, Techno, Deep House
AkinColab011Colab01121:30 - 23:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
TamenpiColab011Colab01123:00 - 00:30May 22015SaturdayUnknown
TrustyColab011Colab01100:30 - 02:00May 22015SaturdayUnknown
RepowMainstageMainstage12:00 - 13:30May 32015SundayUnknown
Bruno BarudiMainstageMainstage13:30 - 14:30May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
TropkillazMainstageMainstage14:30 - 15:30May 32015SundayElectro House
FtampaMainstageMainstage15:30 - 16:30May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
BorgeousMainstageMainstage16:30 - 17:30May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
Romeo BlancoMainstageMainstage17:30 - 18:30May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
BlasterjaxxMainstageMainstage18:30 - 19:30May 32015SundayProgressive House
Nicky RomeroMainstageMainstage19:30 - 21:00May 32015SundayProgressive House
Steve AngelloMainstageMainstage21:00 - 22:30May 32015SundayElectro House
David GuettaMainstageMainstage22:30 - 00:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Ely YabuSmash The HouseSmash The House12:00 - 13:00May 32015SundayUnknown
DuoPropSmash The HouseSmash The House13:00 - 14:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Simon SalisSmash The HouseSmash The House14:00 - 15:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Mambo BrothersSmash The HouseSmash The House15:00 - 16:00May 32015SundayCommercial Dance, Electro House, Electronica, Traditional House
Vintage CultureSmash The HouseSmash The House16:00 - 17:00May 32015SundayElectro House, Electronica, Traditional House
Lost FrequenciesSmash The HouseSmash The House17:00 - 18:30May 32015SundayUnknown
Yves V & RegiSmash The HouseSmash The House18:30 - 20:00May 32015SundayBig Room House
Ummet OzcanSmash The HouseSmash The House20:00 - 21:00May 32015SundayElectro House, Progressive House
NervoSmash The HouseSmash The House21:00 - 22:00May 32015SundayCommercial Dance, Electro House, Progressive House
WolfpackSmash The HouseSmash The House22:00 - 23:00May 32015SundayElectro House
Dimitri Vegas & Like MikeSmash The HouseSmash The House23:00 - 00:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Andre PulseAwakeningsAwakenings12:00 - 13:30May 32015SundayTechno
WehbbaAwakeningsAwakenings13:30 - 14:30May 32015SundayUnknown
DJ Mau MauAwakeningsAwakenings14:30 - 16:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Klaudia GawlasAwakeningsAwakenings16:00 - 17:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Just Be (Bushwacka!)AwakeningsAwakenings17:00 - 18:30May 32015SundayTechno
Secret CinemaAwakeningsAwakenings18:30 - 20:00May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
KolschAwakeningsAwakenings20:00 - 12:00May 32015SundayTech House
Art DepartmentAwakeningsAwakenings22:00 - 00:00May 32015SundayUnknown
BernnAnzu presentsAnzu presents14:00 - 15:30May 32015SundayUnknown
Adriano PaganiAnzu presentsAnzu presents15:30 - 16:30May 32015SundayUnknown
Viktor MoraAnzu presentsAnzu presents16:30 - 17:30May 32015SundayUnknown
SamharaAnzu presentsAnzu presents17:30 - 18:30May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
HIIOAnzu presentsAnzu presents18:30 - 20:00May 32015SundayProgressive House
Yves VAnzu presentsAnzu presents20:00 - 21:30May 32015SundayUnknown
Drunky DanielsAnzu presentsAnzu presents21:30 - 22:30May 32015SundayUnknown
SolderaAnzu presentsAnzu presents22:30 - 00:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Rafael OnidBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza14:00 - 15:45May 32015SundayUnknown
Serge EregeBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza15:45 - 16:30May 32015SundayUnknown
The Drone LoversBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza16:30 - 17:30May 32015SundayUnknown
AldoBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza17:30 - 18:30May 32015SundayUnknown
VCO RoxBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza18:30 - 19:45May 32015SundayUnknown
Funky FatBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza19:45 - 21:00May 32015SundayUnknown
OmuluBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza21:00 - 22:15May 32015SundayUnknown
Tropkillaz feat Cachorro Magro, Karol Conka, DoncesãoBuum vs GanzaBuum vs Ganza22:15 - 00:00May 32015SundayUnknown
NexuzBelgian StageBelgian Stage12:30 - 14:00May 32015SundayBand
LiciousBelgian StageBelgian Stage14:00 - 15:00May 32015SundayUnknown
YamoBelgian StageBelgian Stage15:00 - 16:00May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
NeonBelgian StageBelgian Stage16:00 - 17:00May 32015SundayUnknown
MystiqueBelgian StageBelgian Stage17:00 - 18:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Double PleasureBelgian StageBelgian Stage18:00 - 19:00May 32015SundayTraditional House
Dave LambertBelgian StageBelgian Stage19:00 - 20:00May 32015SundayUnknown
MakasiBelgian StageBelgian Stage20:00 - 21:00May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
RegiBelgian StageBelgian Stage21:00 - 12:00May 32015SundayUnknown
The OddwordBelgian StageBelgian Stage22:00 - 23:00May 32015SundayUnknown
TLP TroublemanBelgian StageBelgian Stage23:00 - 00:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Edu PoppoLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats12:00 - 14:00May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
ElekfantzLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats14:00 - 15:00May 32015SundayUnknown
Edit RevengeLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats15:00 - 16:30May 32015SundayUnknown
Surfing LeonsLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats16:30 - 18:00May 32015SundayElectro House
LouLou PlayersLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats18:00 - 19:30May 32015SundayTraditional House
PhoniqueLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats19:30 - 21:00May 32015SundayElectro House, Tech House, Techno, Traditional House
ClaptoneLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats21:00 - 22:30May 32015SundayCommercial Dance
KolomboLuv n' BeatsLuv n' Beats22:30 - 00:00May 32015SundayUnknown